If you try to scam someone you go here!


Germany 1
Here we have a pathetic site offering free bitcoin for new users with a promocode then asking users to send money to verify their account We have all seen your pathetic scam before you are an un-original fucking noob piece of shit GTFO!! SCAMMER!!!

Discord user ID # 62712398651326

Falkland Islands 1
Trying to impersonate me on discord DUH BITCH I'M THE REAL g420 GTFO!!!

coinexchange whales#4731

Afghanistan 10
Trying to impersonate members of Teams on discord is a scam activity!

BtcFarmByMine#0518 From Discord

Bulgaria 4
I sent an email to Discord as their way of reporting scammers is really not good as scammers have the tendency to erase all links when they are called out by someone that knows their MO. With this said, they erased the link of discord but I copied everyth..


Afghanistan 3
This louis thomas scammer even offered to use his "official email" to prove he was the real louis thomas but could not reply to a simple tweet to the official louis thomas twitter here Don't be scammed do yo..

Dr. Harlow#3064

United Kingdom 3
Turns communities against developers with vicious lies that are never seen through to fruition and leaves both the project and it's community in disarray while blaming anyone around him that states how to fix it as an idiot and incompetent. Has done th..

Oliver Wembler#9077

Central African Republic 2


Afghanistan 2
Hello! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I want to show you something interesting. :white_check_mark: - wow - this is a for +18, find your girlfriend! These people are idiots

Discord user ID # 57463336560964

Montserrat 2
Discord user 574633365609644054 is going around in private message asking personal financial details of users posing as the admin of the exchange. This is not true the admin will never ask personal financial details of any users in discord..

Discord user ID # 59676877290025

Myanmar [Burma] 2
This fake mee6 is trying to trick users in the name of [b]24xfast + Curium Teams[b] into going onto a no doubt scam website that will require them to pay Bitcoin in order to withdraw the fake prize they won. Shame on you and both these shit projects they..


Afghanistan 1
offering to give me .1 bitcoin to help him obviously he wants me to send some of MY bitcoin to get his released which will never happen! what a noob.

Chocolate Bee#3477

China 1
This is one of the good ol i have won money and cant withdraw it from this site scammers. Haven't seen one of these in a few months... Ahh good times bringin me back to when scammers actually had to be clever to get you to fall for it. Good try kid but..


Afghanistan 1
claims to work for cointelegraph goes to developers offering free or reduced fee services also claims to have contacts at yobit exchange THESE ARE ALL LIES DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAMMER


Afghanistan 1
The ol I won some money but I can't withdraw it because I live in SCAMVILLE scam lol BITCH PLEASE WE WERE BORN AT NIGHT BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!

Emily 95s#8585

Afghanistan 1
Emily here tried and failed to pull off the age old I have money locked inside an exchange and can only transfer to other users scam.... Sorry ems we seen them all your trix are old and tired. GTFO SCAMMER

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