If you try to scam someone you go here!


Afghanistan 1
My boyfriend was mining bitcoin scam lol GTFO! LOSERS!

Netherlands 1
Website offering $100 free for joining and you can withdraw it right away.... Of course they dont tell you. Needed 2.0 btc to wd 10% fees and you must deposit first... Scams like this are the worst... Its like this scammer isnt even trying. Just woke up ..

The Modern Investor#5726

Cuba 1
Yet another The Modern Investor impostor! This one thinks a simple YouTube video is somehow worth over $500 in BTC on top of whatever youtube pays But we all know hes a simple fraudster and scammer. GTFO WITH YOUR WEEK GAME!


Argentina 1
Scamming 808 Coin , trying to take it over and swap for 808 token.


El Salvador 1
Once again SOME RANDOM NEW USER IN DISCORD IS OFFERING TO LIST MY COIN AT This is probably a scam and if not should be ashamed at themselves for soliciting like this!!! WTF PEOPLE!?! This is not the fi..


Ireland 1
Keymandelux here thought it would be a keen idea to go spamming admins in discord trying to get support for his little NPCcoin bullshit. Blah blah blah silly little #SPAMMER no one gives a shit about your #SPAM / #SCAM coin!! GTFO!!!

Kellie Clarke #6312

Guinea-Bissau 1
This is another attempt at one of the oldest scams in the book!! I have bitcoin stuck in some scam site that wont let me withdraw them if you log in and help You can keep .1 btc but of course it never works out for you and always costs in the end! Good L..

MEE6 bot

United States 1


Georgia 1
Once again another fake MEE6 attempted scam.. These scammers must have been dropped on their heads as babies... This scam is truly dumb.

Giveaway_bot #3114

Afghanistan 1
Another Scam bot coming at us from the OK Cash discord server. This one is telling users they won .1 btc and to go to sign up at a scam website with a promocode to use the .1 btc Obviously they will have to deposit money to verify their account and withdra..

Afghanistan 1
This filthy little dickhead thinks he can abuse the people on twitter by pretending to be the official Bakkt account. Running a shitty looking scam website and claiming to give people free coins after they first must make a deposit we all know your a #SCA..

Louis Thomas #1036

Gabon 1
Another Fake Louis Thomas scam Bull market must be coming back if the scammers are back! GTFO SCAMMER!


Gabon 1 spam bot spamming a link and code for free coins from their scam site that wont let you withdraw coins ever yea you fuckers we seen this scam before!

GiveAWAY News #4510

Afghanistan 1
These dumb bastards are spam botting that you won .41 BTC of course this is a fucking scam waste of time. YOU WON NOTHING MOVE ON!


United States 1 selling live resin claiming to be 17% + terpenes but taste like band-aid I have tried 3 types now and not even opened this 4th one yet This shit is trash!!! DO NOT BUY!

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