People sending unsolicited spam messages go here!


Afghanistan 1
A giveaway spammer shilling the 1million token and ok cash communities endlessly in private message. No one comes to discord to be spammed GTFO!


Macedonia 1
some asshole spamming me about T/A listen here bitch if i wanted to pay someone 2 BTC for T/A it would be for tits and ass not your dumb crayon charts!!! GTFO!!


Guam 1
Tracking a new network of Discord chat spammers that quickly spam and leave the server GoldMint project is obviously a scam!

MEE6# 2695

Estonia 1
Another scamming MEE6 imposter from the wonderful discord servers of Crypto-Bridge Luxcore and Vitae. Once again not policing the community of bad actors Community leadership is an embarrassment in these servers. If that shows you anything about their wo..

Alex M #0627

French Polynesia 1
This idiot comes from the OK cash server spamming me about his shit pump and dump group where they claim to "teach you how to trade" we all know that means they dump bags all over your head and make you pay them a monthly fee for membership!!! GT..

MiraDelevYing #7828

Guatemala 1
Spamming me live from the Social send discord this ASSHOLE wants me to join his SCAM bot server with a real life legit working SCAMBOT NO THANKS BUD!

orecoingames #9336

Azerbaijan 1
Advertising for listing on their crypto gaming website! These people will never learn only scams need to spam advertise in discord chat PM. Could have easily posted on or any other crypto forum. Pay for a banner ad or GTFO SPAMMER!

gecocafop #0673

Bolivia 1
Spamming me to join Betelgeuse system which upon review appears to be a russian ICO website promising exchange block chain all sorts of b.s. You all know the drill! If it must #SPAM it must be a #SCAM GTFO!!

TwecilkNoicle #9254

Gabon 1
Spammer inviting people to join some shit pump group where the leaders will pre buy and shit all over the community like ALWAYS GTFO SPAMMER!

Milly­čî║ #5645

Afghanistan 1
Hi sir Sorry for Disturbing you : Can you Please join: You join my I join your FOR FUCK SAKES GTFO SPAMMER!

math414n #7141

Guadeloupe 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay listing fee already. LMAO

Cyberkaktus #8202

Gabon 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay listing fee already. LMAO GTFO #SPAMMER

diamondgeaser #8378

Peru 1
Another dick head pump n dump group spamming, promising profits of 100% - 500% and we all know they will have pre bought in their secret group and wait to dump These Pump groups are all the same.. This spammer comes complements of SocialSend discord remem..

Mirandahuisenga #5578

El Salvador 1
This dumb ass spammer comes all up in my shit promoting United pumps promising You can easily average over 20% gain per trade. #SCAM #SPAM GTFO!

Fananna #4077

Cape Verde 1
These morons decided it was a good idea to spam me and brag about existing for 3 whole months omfg.... resorting to spam messages after 3 months this shit coin must be going down fast!!

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