MoonMan |

Gabon 3
This spammer is "New to discord" making the fact that he pm spam messaged me even more funny NO PAL I DON'T WANT TO JOIN YOUR NEXT SCAM!!!


Gabon 1
This spammer wants me to invest in some HOOKER COIN NAMED BETTY its sure to be a scam!! SPAM = SCAM!!!


Gabon 1
GHR is truly the shitcoin of the century with these fucking non stop relentless private message spams they must be running 2139402843 bots to send out all these links what a bunch of ASSHOLES!

Louis Thomas #1036

Gabon 1
Another Fake Louis Thomas scam Bull market must be coming back if the scammers are back! GTFO SCAMMER!

TwecilkNoicle #9254

Gabon 1
Spammer inviting people to join some shit pump group where the leaders will pre buy and shit all over the community like ALWAYS GTFO SPAMMER!

Cyberkaktus #8202

Gabon 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay listing fee already. LMAO GTFO #SPAMMER


Gabon 1 spam bot spamming a link and code for free coins from their scam site that wont let you withdraw coins ever yea you fuckers we seen this scam before!

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