Discord user ID # 62712398651326

Falkland Islands 1
Trying to impersonate me on discord DUH BITCH I'M THE REAL g420 GTFO!!!


Germany 1
Here we have a pathetic site offering free bitcoin for new users with a promocode then asking users to send money to verify their account We have all seen your pathetic scam before you are an un-original fucking noob piece of shit GTFO!! SCAMMER!!!


Zimbabwe 3
This exchange is constantly spamming developers in private message about listing their project.. The problem is they are asking fees and there is no way to tell If the person in your private message even works at fineblox exchange setting everyone up for..


Afghanistan 1
This spammer thought it would be a good idea to invite me to websites containing Adult images probably of his mother. NO THANKS EWW!!

Mirandahuisenga #5578

El Salvador 1
This dumb ass spammer comes all up in my shit promoting United pumps promising You can easily average over 20% gain per trade. #SCAM #SPAM GTFO!

[ ggn coin ]

Falkland Islands 1
[ ggn ] de-listing from panda-bot unfortunately due to current circumstances [ ggn ] will be de-listed from panda-bot by the 22-Oct, please make sure you have withdrawn all balance to your own wallet!

diamondgeaser #8378

Peru 1
Another dick head pump n dump group spamming, promising profits of 100% - 500% and we all know they will have pre bought in their secret group and wait to dump These Pump groups are all the same.. This spammer comes complements of SocialSend discord remem..

Cyberkaktus #8202

Gabon 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay http://coinexchange.io listing fee already. LMAO GTFO #SPAMMER

math414n #7141

Guadeloupe 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay coinexchange.io listing fee already. LMAO

Milly­čî║ #5645

Afghanistan 1
Hi sir Sorry for Disturbing you : Can you Please join: You join my I join your FOR FUCK SAKES GTFO SPAMMER!

TwecilkNoicle #9254

Gabon 1
Spammer inviting people to join some shit pump group where the leaders will pre buy and shit all over the community like ALWAYS GTFO SPAMMER!

Reward BOT73 #9174

Guinea-Bissau 2
In a new reiteration of an old discord scam! This fake reward bot is promising to give users bitcoin in exchange for joining a scam site and using a ref code we all know that you can never withdraw and they just take you money and waste your time tho GT..

Louis Thomas #1036

Gabon 1
Another Fake Louis Thomas scam Bull market must be coming back if the scammers are back! GTFO SCAMMER!

reddit tipjar

Guinea-Bissau 2
#Reddit Crypto Tipping Service TipJar Shuts Down reported by https://cointelegraph.com/news/reddit-crypto-tipping-service-tipjar-shuts-down ---- #Ethereum #Altcoin #ERC20

Wispr @WisprTech

Guam 1
They tried to scam the Espers community 2 years ago and now have come to the end of the road! LMFAO!

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