Discord user ID # 62712398651326

Falkland Islands 1
Trying to impersonate me on discord DUH BITCH I'M THE REAL g420 GTFO!!!


Germany 1
Here we have a pathetic site offering free bitcoin for new users with a promocode then asking users to send money to verify their account We have all seen your pathetic scam before you are an un-original fucking noob piece of shit GTFO!! SCAMMER!!!


Zimbabwe 3
This exchange is constantly spamming developers in private message about listing their project.. The problem is they are asking fees and there is no way to tell If the person in your private message even works at fineblox exchange setting everyone up for..


Afghanistan 1
This spammer thought it would be a good idea to invite me to websites containing Adult images probably of his mother. NO THANKS EWW!!

Pleinbit News #6202

Gabon 1
This bot network of spammers invades servers and spams constantly that you have won a prize asking to visit SCAM website to claim These are the lowest form of scam. The bots join spam then leave while inviting another bot fucking up servers and causing mas..


Cyprus 1
Some pathetic excuse for a discord spammer coming at me with trashy youtube links! No spammer I dont want to click on your shill youtube bullshit! GTFO SPAMMER!


United States 1
oregongeneticscannabis.com/ selling live resin claiming to be 17% + terpenes but taste like band-aid I have tried 3 types now and not even opened this 4th one yet This shit is trash!!! DO NOT BUY!

cryptosky:airplane::bank: #4704

Mexico 1
I say one thing in this server and dipshit here thinks its an excuse to spam me fucking links to sintovate scam and some other fucking bullshit server Look lil bitch bag spammer if I wanted to join some other discord I can find the link on my own your jac..

GiveAWAY News #4510

Afghanistan 1
These dumb bastards are spam botting that you won .41 BTC of course this is a fucking scam waste of time. YOU WON NOTHING MOVE ON!


Zimbabwe 1
With great regret, we’re announcing that CryptoBridge is shutting down. We want to notify our users that we will terminate all services and servers after December 15 23:59 GMT. All deposits will be closed after December 3 23:59 GMT with withdrawals..


Gabon 1
aerochange.com spam bot spamming a link and code for free coins from their scam site that wont let you withdraw coins ever yea you fuckers we seen this scam before!


South Korea 1
Scroll @OfficialScroll · Oct 17 SoluTech, Inc. (also known as “Scroll” or the “Scroll Network”) is no longer conducting active business. Further questions should be directed to (508) 549-5797, or via email to solutech@vlpc.com.

Crypto Zombie #7368

Mexico 1
Spammer claiming to be a YOUTUBE star offering to make me a video promoting my coin. 5-10mins-$700 11-30mins-$1000 31-45mins-$1200 FOR A FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!


Azerbaijan 1
MONGOc project using spam bots to launch an upcoming IEO Spam advertising never gets you far BE BETTER! GTFO SPAMMERS!

Fananna #4077

Cape Verde 1
These morons decided it was a good idea to spam me and brag about existing for 3 whole months omfg.... resorting to spam messages after 3 months this shit coin must be going down fast!!

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