Djibouti 2
Another ZPAY spammer they are obviously running a botnet to spam any user in Discord chat that is in a cryptocurrency server! How do you know it's a scam? Because they spam!!!

Discord user ID # 57463336560964

Montserrat 2
Discord user 574633365609644054 is going around in private message asking personal financial details of users posing as the admin of the exchange. This is not true the admin will never ask personal financial details of any users in discord..

Discord user ID # 59676877290025

Myanmar [Burma] 2
This fake mee6 is trying to trick users in the name of [b]24xfast + Curium Teams[b] into going onto a no doubt scam website that will require them to pay Bitcoin in order to withdraw the fake prize they won. Shame on you and both these shit projects they..


Afghanistan 2
This spammer is out here spamming about some useless bullshit I honestly didnt take the time to read because lets face it... It's fucking spam and worthless and trash Aint no one got time for that bullshit GTFO SPAMMER YOU OWE 1 Million INFO if you w..

dapp s#8441

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1
Spam to join Coffeecoin server from Crypto world server.... Again...


Azerbaijan 1
Spamming me to join the CryptoDolls discord group and youtube channel well IF IT MUST SPAM IT MUST BE A SCAM! thats our motto at


Afghanistan 1
1X2 coin spamming all damn day!


Mongolia 1
This idiot came in was told to read the rules and instead spammed his telegram group promotions! OMFG are you serious? YOU OWE 2 BTC now!


Afghanistan 1
spamming me about his super cool discord server where he will charge me money to make announcements about my project..... FFS!


Afghanistan 1
offering to give me .1 bitcoin to help him obviously he wants me to send some of MY bitcoin to get his released which will never happen! what a noob.

Paola Pereira#4598

Afghanistan 1
This one wants to teach me about spam servers by inviting me to servers full of spammers omg NO!


Afghanistan 1
Another useless spammer.

Trading Specialist#1440

Afghanistan 1
Spamming me about some pump and dump investment group!


Equatorial Guinea 1
Spamming me about LRM coin masternodes says it will make me lambo rich! lmfao what a joke coins that need spam promotion are worthless.

Chocolate Bee#3477

China 1
This is one of the good ol i have won money and cant withdraw it from this site scammers. Haven't seen one of these in a few months... Ahh good times bringin me back to when scammers actually had to be clever to get you to fall for it. Good try kid but..

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