Afghanistan 2
Hello! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I want to show you something interesting. :white_check_mark: - wow - this is a for +18, find your girlfriend! These people are idiots

Lucas Vos#8182

Belarus 2
This spammer just demanded that I give him some bitcoin then sent me his ditcoin address...


Djibouti 2
Another ZPAY spammer they are obviously running a botnet to spam any user in Discord chat that is in a cryptocurrency server! How do you know it's a scam? Because they spam!!!

Discord user ID # 57463336560964

Montserrat 2
Discord user 574633365609644054 is going around in private message asking personal financial details of users posing as the admin of the exchange. This is not true the admin will never ask personal financial details of any users in discord..

Discord user ID # 59676877290025

Myanmar [Burma] 2
This fake mee6 is trying to trick users in the name of [b]24xfast + Curium Teams[b] into going onto a no doubt scam website that will require them to pay Bitcoin in order to withdraw the fake prize they won. Shame on you and both these shit projects they..


Afghanistan 2
This spammer is out here spamming about some useless bullshit I honestly didnt take the time to read because lets face it... It's fucking spam and worthless and trash Aint no one got time for that bullshit GTFO SPAMMER YOU OWE 1 Million INFO if you w..

Leon Anderson

United States 2
Doesnt understand the meaning of " Im happily married for a answer" asking personal questions so he had to go ... P-E-R-V

RemolinaJhon #5288

Germany 2
Spamming begging for food money and such claiming he is an orphan GTFO!

reddit tipjar

Guinea-Bissau 2
#Reddit Crypto Tipping Service TipJar Shuts Down reported by ---- #Ethereum #Altcoin #ERC20

Reward BOT73 #9174

Guinea-Bissau 2
In a new reiteration of an old discord scam! This fake reward bot is promising to give users bitcoin in exchange for joining a scam site and using a ref code we all know that you can never withdraw and they just take you money and waste your time tho GT..

[ ggn coin ]

Falkland Islands 2
[ ggn ] de-listing from panda-bot unfortunately due to current circumstances [ ggn ] will be de-listed from panda-bot by the 22-Oct, please make sure you have withdrawn all balance to your own wallet!

dapp s#8441

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1
Spam to join Coffeecoin server from Crypto world server.... Again...


Azerbaijan 1
Spamming me to join the CryptoDolls discord group and youtube channel well IF IT MUST SPAM IT MUST BE A SCAM! thats our motto at


Afghanistan 1
1X2 coin spamming all damn day!


Mongolia 1
This idiot came in was told to read the rules and instead spammed his telegram group promotions! OMFG are you serious? YOU OWE 2 BTC now!

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