Discord user ID # 59676877290025

Myanmar [Burma] 2
This fake mee6 is trying to trick users in the name of [b]24xfast + Curium Teams[b] into going onto a no doubt scam website that will require them to pay Bitcoin in order to withdraw the fake prize they won. Shame on you and both these shit projects they..


Afghanistan 2
This spammer is out here spamming about some useless bullshit I honestly didnt take the time to read because lets face it... It's fucking spam and worthless and trash Aint no one got time for that bullshit GTFO SPAMMER YOU OWE 1 Million INFO if you w..

Leon Anderson

United States 2
Doesnt understand the meaning of " Im happily married for a answer" asking personal questions so he had to go ... P-E-R-V

RemolinaJhon #5288

Germany 2
Spamming begging for food money and such claiming he is an orphan GTFO! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/401926899569262592/629897686727786496/unknown.png

reddit tipjar

Guinea-Bissau 2
#Reddit Crypto Tipping Service TipJar Shuts Down reported by https://cointelegraph.com/news/reddit-crypto-tipping-service-tipjar-shuts-down ---- #Ethereum #Altcoin #ERC20

Reward BOT73 #9174

Guinea-Bissau 2
In a new reiteration of an old discord scam! This fake reward bot is promising to give users bitcoin in exchange for joining a scam site and using a ref code we all know that you can never withdraw and they just take you money and waste your time tho GT..

[ ggn coin ]

Falkland Islands 2
[ ggn ] de-listing from panda-bot unfortunately due to current circumstances [ ggn ] will be de-listed from panda-bot by the 22-Oct, please make sure you have withdrawn all balance to your own wallet!

dapp s#8441

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1
Spam to join Coffeecoin server from Crypto world server.... Again...


Azerbaijan 1
Spamming me to join the CryptoDolls discord group and youtube channel well IF IT MUST SPAM IT MUST BE A SCAM! thats our motto at cryptospam.org


Afghanistan 1
1X2 coin spamming all damn day!


Mongolia 1
This idiot came in was told to read the rules and instead spammed his telegram group promotions! OMFG are you serious? YOU OWE 2 BTC now!


Afghanistan 1
spamming me about his super cool discord server where he will charge me money to make announcements about my project..... FFS!


Afghanistan 1
offering to give me .1 bitcoin to help him obviously he wants me to send some of MY bitcoin to get his released which will never happen! what a noob.

Paola Pereira#4598

Afghanistan 1
This one wants to teach me about spam servers by inviting me to servers full of spammers omg NO!


Afghanistan 1
Another useless spammer.

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