Emily 95s#8585

Afghanistan 1
Emily here tried and failed to pull off the age old I have money locked inside an exchange and can only transfer to other users scam.... Sorry ems we seen them all your trix are old and tired. GTFO SCAMMER


Congo - Kinshasa 1
This filthy little pervert wants me watch him make love to animals on camera EWW GROSS FOOK THIS SHT IM OUT!

Chocolate Bee#3477

China 1
This is one of the good ol i have won money and cant withdraw it from this site scammers. Haven't seen one of these in a few months... Ahh good times bringin me back to when scammers actually had to be clever to get you to fall for it. Good try kid but..

Partizan Marketing#6357

Russia 1
Partizan Marketing here to distract me by letting me know he can offer me marketing in russian and other languages what a great deal Waste my time and wants to discuss details which no doubt means this idiot expects to get paid for his spamming what a S..


Seychelles 1
How to spot a scam crypto currency 101 google search spam and ticker name if they are listed here for spam advertisement in crypto currency chat platforms its a scam.. ZPAY more like SPAMPAY!


Afghanistan 1
The ol I won some money but I can't withdraw it because I live in SCAMVILLE scam lol BITCH PLEASE WE WERE BORN AT NIGHT BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!

Discord user ID # 57463336560964

Montserrat 2
Discord user 574633365609644054 is going around in private message asking personal financial details of insane.exchange users posing as the admin of the exchange. This is not true the admin will never ask personal financial details of any users in discord..


Western Sahara 1
Good ol josh here can't contain himself about shard coin and shardax exchange TELL YOU WHAT MIGHT AS WELL CALL IT SHART WITH SPAM LIKE THIS IT'S 100% SHIT!

The Modern Investor#5726

Cuba 1
Yet another The Modern Investor impostor! This one thinks a simple YouTube video is somehow worth over $500 in BTC on top of whatever youtube pays But we all know hes a simple fraudster and scammer. GTFO WITH YOUR WEEK GAME!


Ecuador 1
Vincent was informed that spamming will not be tolerated and reported to TheWatcher AI anti spam bot. But alas Vincent insisted on more spamming and wasting of valuable developer time. Now you have been banned from all mutual servers and reported as well..


Argentina 1
Scamming 808 Coin , trying to take it over and swap for 808 token.


Afghanistan 1
Some creepy spammer trying to have sex with everyone!


Afghanistan 1
Here we have Odessa promising to 100X my investment on Moon3D (I don't invest in spam) and im pretty sure offering advise like this is against the law! Especially when referring to said project as an ICO! GTFO SPAMMER MOON3D

BtcFarmByMine#0518 From Discord

Bulgaria 4
I sent an email to Discord as their way of reporting scammers is really not good as scammers have the tendency to erase all links when they are called out by someone that knows their MO. With this said, they erased the link of discord but I copied everyth..


Ireland 1
Keymandelux here thought it would be a keen idea to go spamming admins in discord trying to get support for his little NPCcoin bullshit. Blah blah blah silly little #SPAMMER no one gives a shit about your #SPAM / #SCAM coin!! GTFO!!!

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