Daniel 23#9359

Equatorial Guinea 1
Another spammer who thinks he needs to promote his good or services in unsolicited private message you know we have banner ads?


Gabon 1
This spammer wants me to invest in some HOOKER COIN NAMED BETTY its sure to be a scam!! SPAM = SCAM!!!


Barbados 1
Another BETTY spammer / scammer wanting me to join this shit show where they spam you to promote!!! SPAM = SCAM in crypto! DYOR don't get scammed!


Argentina 1
Scamming 808 Coin , trying to take it over and swap for 808 token.


El Salvador 1
Once again SOME RANDOM NEW USER IN DISCORD IS OFFERING TO LIST MY COIN AT https://www.finexbox.com/ This is probably a scam and if not https://www.finexbox.com/ should be ashamed at themselves for soliciting like this!!! WTF PEOPLE!?! This is not the fi..


Guyana 1
Spammer wanting me to buy into some GHR coin which is presenting a POS+Masternode based coin. I'm sure its going to be great with this spam marketing they have going on already!! GET THE FUCK OUT SPAMMER!!!


Grenada 1
Once again another scammer claiming to represent https://www.finexbox.com/ and soliciting listing fees in discord private message!! This is the easiest way to get scammed. Who the fuck knows this idiot? Do they really work at https://www.finexbox.com/ ? ..


Antigua and Barbuda 1
Another GHR Coin spammer trying to #SCAM me into joining their stupid discord group this is clearly a botnet of spammers working here which begs the question.. If GHR team is smart enough to set up bot net spam advertising why are they not smart enough t..


Ethiopia 1
Must be 1 spammer for every 1 million token tokens? these idiots think they are going to get me to invest with spam messages Think again fool!! Info community only going to put you on blast and charge you INFO coin to be cleaned up DON'T SPAM US FUCK..


Australia 1
Continued spamming to multiple users of nasty porn ! Asshole have some respect !


Faroe Islands 1
Spamming me about joining his pump and dump group!! NO fool I don't want to join a group of spammers who dump bags on eachother!!!


Turks and Caicos Islands 1
exjx2001#7446 out here spammin for Sentivate blah blah blah #SPAM == #SCAM none of you crap means shit if your stoop this low dude sent me a book for real stop wasting all of our time!! #SPAM will not be tolerated!!


Fiji 1
Tohclan#1252 Out here spammin for Sentivate blah blah blah #SPAM == #SCAM none of you crap means shit if your stoop this low!! dude sent me a book for real. Stop wasting all of our time!! #SPAM will not be tolerated!!


Ireland 1
Keymandelux here thought it would be a keen idea to go spamming admins in discord trying to get support for his little NPCcoin bullshit. Blah blah blah silly little #SPAMMER no one gives a shit about your #SPAM / #SCAM coin!! GTFO!!!


United States 1
Promoting some discord server for “ undumpable” masternodes called watchdogs

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