Afghanistan 1
This spammer thought it would be a good idea to invite me to websites containing Adult images probably of his mother. NO THANKS EWW!!

coinexchange whales#4731

Afghanistan 10
Trying to impersonate members of Teams on discord is a scam activity!


Afghanistan 3
This louis thomas scammer even offered to use his "official email" to prove he was the real louis thomas but could not reply to a simple tweet to the official louis thomas twitter here Don't be scammed do yo..

ceren 451056510525505536

Afghanistan 2
Bounty spammer for a shit coin


Afghanistan 2
Hello! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I want to show you something interesting. :white_check_mark: - wow - this is a for +18, find your girlfriend! These people are idiots


Afghanistan 2
This spammer is out here spamming about some useless bullshit I honestly didnt take the time to read because lets face it... It's fucking spam and worthless and trash Aint no one got time for that bullshit GTFO SPAMMER YOU OWE 1 Million INFO if you w..


Afghanistan 1
1X2 coin spamming all damn day!


Afghanistan 1
spamming me about his super cool discord server where he will charge me money to make announcements about my project..... FFS!


Afghanistan 1
offering to give me .1 bitcoin to help him obviously he wants me to send some of MY bitcoin to get his released which will never happen! what a noob.

Paola Pereira#4598

Afghanistan 1
This one wants to teach me about spam servers by inviting me to servers full of spammers omg NO!


Afghanistan 1
Another useless spammer.

Trading Specialist#1440

Afghanistan 1
Spamming me about some pump and dump investment group!


Afghanistan 1
claims to work for cointelegraph goes to developers offering free or reduced fee services also claims to have contacts at yobit exchange THESE ARE ALL LIES DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAMMER


Afghanistan 1
The ol I won some money but I can't withdraw it because I live in SCAMVILLE scam lol BITCH PLEASE WE WERE BORN AT NIGHT BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!


Afghanistan 1
This spammer is spammin me about how sorry they are to be spammin me about bet X coin some useless scam gambling platform no doubt im sure they have a fool proof way to win and everything...... GTFO SPAMMER!

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