Guam 1
Tracking a new network of Discord chat spammers that quickly spam and leave the server GoldMint project is obviously a scam!

00niklasa #3430

French Southern Territories 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!


Guyana 1
Spammer wanting me to buy into some GHR coin which is presenting a POS+Masternode based coin. I'm sure its going to be great with this spam marketing they have going on already!! GET THE FUCK OUT SPAMMER!!!


Fiji 1
Another bot infested Discord server with shit admins and staff letting bots spam pm me while I try to work thanks a lot slackers!!! Referium


Gabon 1
This spammer wants me to invest in some HOOKER COIN NAMED BETTY its sure to be a scam!! SPAM = SCAM!!!


Faroe Islands 1
Spamming me about joining his pump and dump group!! NO fool I don't want to join a group of spammers who dump bags on eachother!!!


Fiji 1
Tohclan#1252 Out here spammin for Sentivate blah blah blah #SPAM == #SCAM none of you crap means shit if your stoop this low!! dude sent me a book for real. Stop wasting all of our time!! #SPAM will not be tolerated!!

Partner Bot #6621

Morocco 1
Some spamming bot with a bullshit giveaway trying to get you to add it to your discord server. No doubt it wants admin privileges and will fuck your day up! Don't fall for it!


Congo - Brazzaville 1
Another dumb ass trying to promote his shitcoin in private message spam. This is not the way the bacon is made kids.... GTFO!!

IIxGriimZz #7214

Iceland 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!

Rombovid #1106

Dominican Republic 1
Another shit coin spamming idiot that wants me to invest my hard earned money into a coin that is clearly only clever enough to spam message me... GTFO!

MiraDelevYing #7828

Guatemala 1
Spamming me live from the Social send discord this ASSHOLE wants me to join his SCAM bot server with a real life legit working SCAMBOT NO THANKS BUD!

Mirandahuisenga #5578

El Salvador 1
This dumb ass spammer comes all up in my shit promoting United pumps promising You can easily average over 20% gain per trade. #SCAM #SPAM GTFO!

Venera Gagieff #3702

Honduras 1
This user wants to write my essay or dissertation for me. But sadly I only accept essays or dissertations from writers who are high on crystal meth Unless you are willing to video yourself using crystal meth before writing the essay or dissertation you ..


Afghanistan 1
Beetok whatever the fuck this shit is spamming me about how great they are like always!! Well here is the scoop... IF YOU HAVE TO SPAM YOU ARE SHIT!!

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