Fiji 1
Another bot infested Discord server with shit admins and staff letting bots spam pm me while I try to work thanks a lot slackers!!! Referium

Kellie Clarke #6312

Guinea-Bissau 1
This is another attempt at one of the oldest scams in the book!! I have bitcoin stuck in some scam site that wont let me withdraw them if you log in and help You can keep .1 btc but of course it never works out for you and always costs in the end! Good L..

IIxGriimZz #7214

Iceland 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!

Partner Bot #6621

Morocco 1
Some spamming bot with a bullshit giveaway trying to get you to add it to your discord server. No doubt it wants admin privileges and will fuck your day up! Don't fall for it!


Guadeloupe 1
This spammer is promising me its not a bot LOL first of all second of all they want me to pay $79 a month for them to dump bags of shit coins on my head in their great unproven bullshit pump group!!! WTF BRO GTFO With this trash!! I can get my own signal..


Barbados 1
Another BETTY spammer / scammer wanting me to join this shit show where they spam you to promote!!! SPAM = SCAM in crypto! DYOR don't get scammed!

cipriya #8271

Afghanistan 1
Another GHR coin spammer again I swear anyone dumb enough to invest in projects like these deserve what they get but we hate you spammer so on the list you go!

00niklasa #3430

French Southern Territories 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!


Congo - Brazzaville 1
Another dumb ass trying to promote his shitcoin in private message spam. This is not the way the bacon is made kids.... GTFO!!


Afghanistan 1
Beetok whatever the fuck this shit is spamming me about how great they are like always!! Well here is the scoop... IF YOU HAVE TO SPAM YOU ARE SHIT!!


El Salvador 1
Once again SOME RANDOM NEW USER IN DISCORD IS OFFERING TO LIST MY COIN AT https://www.finexbox.com/ This is probably a scam and if not https://www.finexbox.com/ should be ashamed at themselves for soliciting like this!!! WTF PEOPLE!?! This is not the fi..


Guam 1
Tracking a new network of Discord chat spammers that quickly spam and leave the server GoldMint project is obviously a scam!


Australia 1
Continued spamming to multiple users of nasty porn ! Asshole have some respect !

mph1962mph #2884

Germany 1
Discord user mph1962mph #2884 trying to get me to join his pump and dump group so Him and his pals can manipulate markets and take profit at my expense no thank you dickhead!!

Discord user ID # 59676877290025

Myanmar [Burma] 2
This fake mee6 is trying to trick users in the name of [b]24xfast + Curium Teams[b] into going onto a no doubt scam website that will require them to pay Bitcoin in order to withdraw the fake prize they won. Shame on you and both these shit projects they..

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