Partizan Marketing#6357

Russia 1
Partizan Marketing here to distract me by letting me know he can offer me marketing in russian and other languages what a great deal Waste my time and wants to discuss details which no doubt means this idiot expects to get paid for his spamming what a S..


Afghanistan 1
This spammer is spammin me about how sorry they are to be spammin me about bet X coin some useless scam gambling platform no doubt im sure they have a fool proof way to win and everything...... GTFO SPAMMER!


Western Sahara 1
Good ol josh here can't contain himself about shard coin and shardax exchange TELL YOU WHAT MIGHT AS WELL CALL IT SHART WITH SPAM LIKE THIS IT'S 100% SHIT!


Serbia 3
This Serbian scammer is offering a Trade bot that guarantees to lose all your bitcoin in a matter of hours!!! Not only that it will tweet your private keys! Spam all your inboxes full of GILF porn and kick your dog!

MoonMan |

Gabon 3
This spammer is "New to discord" making the fact that he pm spam messaged me even more funny NO PAL I DON'T WANT TO JOIN YOUR NEXT SCAM!!!


Afghanistan 1
The ol I won some money but I can't withdraw it because I live in SCAMVILLE scam lol BITCH PLEASE WE WERE BORN AT NIGHT BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!


Afghanistan 2
Hello! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I want to show you something interesting. :white_check_mark: - wow - this is a for +18, find your girlfriend! These people are idiots


Congo - Kinshasa 1
This filthy little pervert wants me watch him make love to animals on camera EWW GROSS FOOK THIS SHT IM OUT!


Afghanistan 1
claims to work for cointelegraph goes to developers offering free or reduced fee services also claims to have contacts at yobit exchange THESE ARE ALL LIES DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAMMER

Chocolate Bee#3477

China 1
This is one of the good ol i have won money and cant withdraw it from this site scammers. Haven't seen one of these in a few months... Ahh good times bringin me back to when scammers actually had to be clever to get you to fall for it. Good try kid but..


Equatorial Guinea 1
Spamming me about LRM coin masternodes says it will make me lambo rich! lmfao what a joke coins that need spam promotion are worthless.

Trading Specialist#1440

Afghanistan 1
Spamming me about some pump and dump investment group!


Afghanistan 1
Another useless spammer.


Argentina 2
If I wanted to know about your dumb website I would use google or click on an advert like a NORMAL person!

Dr. Harlow#3064

United Kingdom 3
Turns communities against developers with vicious lies that are never seen through to fruition and leaves both the project and it's community in disarray while blaming anyone around him that states how to fix it as an idiot and incompetent. Has done th..

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