Armenia 1
These spammers from this shit pump group again... Always "Sorry to bother you" THEN DON'T FUCKING SPAM ME ASSSHOLES!!!

MEE6 bot

United States 1


Georgia 1
Once again another fake MEE6 attempted scam.. These scammers must have been dropped on their heads as babies... This scam is truly dumb.

Partner Bot #6621

Morocco 1
Some spamming bot with a bullshit giveaway trying to get you to add it to your discord server. No doubt it wants admin privileges and will fuck your day up! Don't fall for it!


Congo - Brazzaville 1
Another dumb ass trying to promote his shitcoin in private message spam. This is not the way the bacon is made kids.... GTFO!!

Rombovid #1106

Dominican Republic 1
Another shit coin spamming idiot that wants me to invest my hard earned money into a coin that is clearly only clever enough to spam message me... GTFO!

sherry #4802

Austria 1
Another Finexblox spammer to get fucked.... pay up tards!!!


Afghanistan 1
A giveaway spammer shilling the 1million token and ok cash communities endlessly in private message. No one comes to discord to be spammed GTFO!


Macedonia 1
some asshole spamming me about T/A listen here bitch if i wanted to pay someone 2 BTC for T/A it would be for tits and ass not your dumb crayon charts!!! GTFO!!


Guam 1
Tracking a new network of Discord chat spammers that quickly spam and leave the server GoldMint project is obviously a scam!

MEE6# 2695

Estonia 1
Another scamming MEE6 imposter from the wonderful discord servers of Crypto-Bridge Luxcore and Vitae. Once again not policing the community of bad actors Community leadership is an embarrassment in these servers. If that shows you anything about their wo..

Alex M #0627

French Polynesia 1
This idiot comes from the OK cash server spamming me about his shit pump and dump group where they claim to "teach you how to trade" we all know that means they dump bags all over your head and make you pay them a monthly fee for membership!!! GT..

Giveaway_bot #3114

Afghanistan 1
Another Scam bot coming at us from the OK Cash discord server. This one is telling users they won .1 btc and to go to sign up at a scam website with a promocode to use the .1 btc Obviously they will have to deposit money to verify their account and withdra..

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