MoonMan | moon3d.io#0877

Gabon 3
This spammer is "New to discord" making the fact that he pm spam messaged me even more funny NO PAL I DON'T WANT TO JOIN YOUR NEXT SCAM!!!


Argentina 2
If I wanted to know about your dumb website I would use google or click on an advert like a NORMAL person!

RemolinaJhon #5288

Germany 2
Spamming begging for food money and such claiming he is an orphan GTFO! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/401926899569262592/629897686727786496/unknown.png

Reward BOT73 #9174

Guinea-Bissau 2
In a new reiteration of an old discord scam! This fake reward bot is promising to give users bitcoin in exchange for joining a scam site and using a ref code we all know that you can never withdraw and they just take you money and waste your time tho GT..

[ ggn coin ]

Falkland Islands 2
[ ggn ] de-listing from panda-bot unfortunately due to current circumstances [ ggn ] will be de-listed from panda-bot by the 22-Oct, please make sure you have withdrawn all balance to your own wallet!


Afghanistan 1
Another useless spammer.


Equatorial Guinea 1
Spamming me about LRM coin masternodes says it will make me lambo rich! lmfao what a joke coins that need spam promotion are worthless.


Congo - Kinshasa 1
This filthy little pervert wants me watch him make love to animals on camera EWW GROSS FOOK THIS SHT IM OUT!


Western Sahara 1
Good ol josh here can't contain himself about shard coin and shardax exchange TELL YOU WHAT MIGHT AS WELL CALL IT SHART WITH SPAM LIKE THIS IT'S 100% SHIT!


Afghanistan 1
This spammer is spammin me about how sorry they are to be spammin me about bet X coin some useless scam gambling platform no doubt im sure they have a fool proof way to win and everything...... GTFO SPAMMER!

Partizan Marketing#6357

Russia 1
Partizan Marketing here to distract me by letting me know he can offer me marketing in russian and other languages what a great deal Waste my time and wants to discuss details which no doubt means this idiot expects to get paid for his spamming what a S..


Afghanistan 1
Here we have Odessa promising to 100X my investment on Moon3D (I don't invest in spam) and im pretty sure offering advise like this is against the law! Especially when referring to said project as an ICO! GTFO SPAMMER MOON3D

Emily 95s#8585

Afghanistan 1
Emily here tried and failed to pull off the age old I have money locked inside an exchange and can only transfer to other users scam.... Sorry ems we seen them all your trix are old and tired. GTFO SCAMMER


Afghanistan 1
My boyfriend was mining bitcoin scam lol GTFO! LOSERS!


Ecuador 1
Vincent was informed that spamming will not be tolerated and reported to TheWatcher AI anti spam bot. But alas Vincent insisted on more spamming and wasting of valuable developer time. Now you have been banned from all mutual servers and reported as well..

Daniel 23#9359

Equatorial Guinea 1
Another spammer who thinks he needs to promote his good or services in unsolicited private message you know we have banner ads?


Gabon 1
This spammer wants me to invest in some HOOKER COIN NAMED BETTY its sure to be a scam!! SPAM = SCAM!!!


Grenada 1
Once again another scammer claiming to represent https://www.finexbox.com/ and soliciting listing fees in discord private message!! This is the easiest way to get scammed. Who the fuck knows this idiot? Do they really work at https://www.finexbox.com/ ? ..


Ethiopia 1
Must be 1 spammer for every 1 million token tokens? these idiots think they are going to get me to invest with spam messages Think again fool!! Info community only going to put you on blast and charge you INFO coin to be cleaned up DON'T SPAM US FUCK..


Faroe Islands 1
Spamming me about joining his pump and dump group!! NO fool I don't want to join a group of spammers who dump bags on eachother!!!


Turks and Caicos Islands 1
exjx2001#7446 out here spammin for Sentivate blah blah blah #SPAM == #SCAM none of you crap means shit if your stoop this low dude sent me a book for real stop wasting all of our time!! #SPAM will not be tolerated!!


Fiji 1
Tohclan#1252 Out here spammin for Sentivate blah blah blah #SPAM == #SCAM none of you crap means shit if your stoop this low!! dude sent me a book for real. Stop wasting all of our time!! #SPAM will not be tolerated!!


Ireland 1
Keymandelux here thought it would be a keen idea to go spamming admins in discord trying to get support for his little NPCcoin bullshit. Blah blah blah silly little #SPAMMER no one gives a shit about your #SPAM / #SCAM coin!! GTFO!!!


Guadeloupe 1
This spammer is promising me its not a bot LOL first of all second of all they want me to pay $79 a month for them to dump bags of shit coins on my head in their great unproven bullshit pump group!!! WTF BRO GTFO With this trash!! I can get my own signal..

jkim00781 #4028

Estonia 1
Discord user jkim00781 trying to get me to join his pump and dump group so Him and his pals can manipulate markets and take profit at my expense no thank you dickhead!!

mph1962mph #2884

Germany 1
Discord user mph1962mph #2884 trying to get me to join his pump and dump group so Him and his pals can manipulate markets and take profit at my expense no thank you dickhead!!

Venera Gagieff #3702

Honduras 1
This user wants to write my essay or dissertation for me. But sadly I only accept essays or dissertations from writers who are high on crystal meth Unless you are willing to video yourself using crystal meth before writing the essay or dissertation you ..

cipriya #8271

Afghanistan 1
Another GHR coin spammer again I swear anyone dumb enough to invest in projects like these deserve what they get but we hate you spammer so on the list you go!


Afghanistan 1
Beetok whatever the fuck this shit is spamming me about how great they are like always!! Well here is the scoop... IF YOU HAVE TO SPAM YOU ARE SHIT!!

kavinkavi #8851

El Salvador 1
Another GHR coin shit head sending spam invites trying to win that bullshit invite contest LOOK ASSHOLES IF WE WANTED TO JOIN WE WOULD GOOGLE!!

LeGeND33 #2907

Afghanistan 1
Some idiot sending an invite to a server that just invites people omfg! YOU DON'T GET IT DO YOU SPAMMER!!! GTFO!


Bouvet Island 1
Another pump group spammer promising huge returns but in reality him and his little pals are already pre buying everything they are signaling. People like this always have a private group the main group is not aware of and that is where the real money is..

Titanic041912 #9854

Eritrea 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!

00niklasa #3430

French Southern Territories 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!

IIxGriimZz #7214

Iceland 1
Another one of these Idiots from BEETOK clearly a scam if they must resort to spam marketing! GTFO SPAMMER!!!


Gabon 1
GHR is truly the shitcoin of the century with these fucking non stop relentless private message spams they must be running 2139402843 bots to send out all these links what a bunch of ASSHOLES!

Kellie Clarke #6312

Guinea-Bissau 1
This is another attempt at one of the oldest scams in the book!! I have bitcoin stuck in some scam site that wont let me withdraw them if you log in and help You can keep .1 btc but of course it never works out for you and always costs in the end! Good L..


Armenia 1
These spammers from this shit pump group again... Always "Sorry to bother you" THEN DON'T FUCKING SPAM ME ASSSHOLES!!!


Congo - Brazzaville 1
Another dumb ass trying to promote his shitcoin in private message spam. This is not the way the bacon is made kids.... GTFO!!

Rombovid #1106

Dominican Republic 1
Another shit coin spamming idiot that wants me to invest my hard earned money into a coin that is clearly only clever enough to spam message me... GTFO!


Afghanistan 1
A giveaway spammer shilling the 1million token and ok cash communities endlessly in private message. No one comes to discord to be spammed GTFO!


Macedonia 1
some asshole spamming me about T/A listen here bitch if i wanted to pay someone 2 BTC for T/A it would be for tits and ass not your dumb crayon charts!!! GTFO!!


Guam 1
Tracking a new network of Discord chat spammers that quickly spam and leave the server GoldMint project is obviously a scam!

Alex M #0627

French Polynesia 1
This idiot comes from the OK cash server spamming me about his shit pump and dump group where they claim to "teach you how to trade" we all know that means they dump bags all over your head and make you pay them a monthly fee for membership!!! GT..

Giveaway_bot #3114

Afghanistan 1
Another Scam bot coming at us from the OK Cash discord server. This one is telling users they won .1 btc and to go to sign up at a scam website with a promocode to use the .1 btc Obviously they will have to deposit money to verify their account and withdra..

MiraDelevYing #7828

Guatemala 1
Spamming me live from the Social send discord this ASSHOLE wants me to join his SCAM bot server with a real life legit working SCAMBOT NO THANKS BUD!


Afghanistan 1
This filthy little dickhead thinks he can abuse the people on twitter by pretending to be the official Bakkt account. Running a shitty looking scam website and claiming to give people free coins after they first must make a deposit we all know your a #SCA..

orecoingames #9336

Azerbaijan 1
Advertising for listing on their crypto gaming website! These people will never learn only scams need to spam advertise in discord chat PM. Could have easily posted on cryptoinforum.com or any other crypto forum. Pay for a banner ad or GTFO SPAMMER!

gecocafop #0673

Bolivia 1
Spamming me to join Betelgeuse system which upon review appears to be a russian ICO website promising exchange block chain all sorts of b.s. You all know the drill! If it must #SPAM it must be a #SCAM GTFO!!

Escodex exchange

Estonia 1
Escodex will shut down permanently on 15th October,2019 and will be non-operational there after. Pls withdraw your funds from Escodex before 15th October,2019 4:00PM Central Standard Time. Escodex Team will not be responsible for loss of funds/inaccessible..

Wispr @WisprTech

Guam 1
They tried to scam the Espers community 2 years ago and now have come to the end of the road! LMFAO!

Louis Thomas #1036

Gabon 1
Another Fake Louis Thomas scam Bull market must be coming back if the scammers are back! GTFO SCAMMER!

TwecilkNoicle #9254

Gabon 1
Spammer inviting people to join some shit pump group where the leaders will pre buy and shit all over the community like ALWAYS GTFO SPAMMER!

Milly🌺 #5645

Afghanistan 1
Hi sir Sorry for Disturbing you : Can you Please join: You join my I join your FOR FUCK SAKES GTFO SPAMMER!

math414n #7141

Guadeloupe 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay coinexchange.io listing fee already. LMAO

Cyberkaktus #8202

Gabon 1
Bot network of spammers running in BlockDx discord spamming me to join some bullshit that was dumb enough to pay http://coinexchange.io listing fee already. LMAO GTFO #SPAMMER

diamondgeaser #8378

Peru 1
Another dick head pump n dump group spamming, promising profits of 100% - 500% and we all know they will have pre bought in their secret group and wait to dump These Pump groups are all the same.. This spammer comes complements of SocialSend discord remem..

Mirandahuisenga #5578

El Salvador 1
This dumb ass spammer comes all up in my shit promoting United pumps promising You can easily average over 20% gain per trade. #SCAM #SPAM GTFO!

Fananna #4077

Cape Verde 1
These morons decided it was a good idea to spam me and brag about existing for 3 whole months omfg.... resorting to spam messages after 3 months this shit coin must be going down fast!!


Azerbaijan 1
MONGOc project using spam bots to launch an upcoming IEO Spam advertising never gets you far BE BETTER! GTFO SPAMMERS!

Crypto Zombie #7368

Mexico 1
Spammer claiming to be a YOUTUBE star offering to make me a video promoting my coin. 5-10mins-$700 11-30mins-$1000 31-45mins-$1200 FOR A FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!


South Korea 1
Scroll @OfficialScroll · Oct 17 SoluTech, Inc. (also known as “Scroll” or the “Scroll Network”) is no longer conducting active business. Further questions should be directed to (508) 549-5797, or via email to solutech@vlpc.com.


Gabon 1
aerochange.com spam bot spamming a link and code for free coins from their scam site that wont let you withdraw coins ever yea you fuckers we seen this scam before!


Zimbabwe 1
With great regret, we’re announcing that CryptoBridge is shutting down. We want to notify our users that we will terminate all services and servers after December 15 23:59 GMT. All deposits will be closed after December 3 23:59 GMT with withdrawals..

GiveAWAY News #4510

Afghanistan 1
These dumb bastards are spam botting that you won .41 BTC of course this is a fucking scam waste of time. YOU WON NOTHING MOVE ON!

cryptosky:airplane::bank: #4704

Mexico 1
I say one thing in this server and dipshit here thinks its an excuse to spam me fucking links to sintovate scam and some other fucking bullshit server Look lil bitch bag spammer if I wanted to join some other discord I can find the link on my own your jac..


Cyprus 1
Some pathetic excuse for a discord spammer coming at me with trashy youtube links! No spammer I dont want to click on your shill youtube bullshit! GTFO SPAMMER!

Pleinbit News #6202

Gabon 1
This bot network of spammers invades servers and spams constantly that you have won a prize asking to visit SCAM website to claim These are the lowest form of scam. The bots join spam then leave while inviting another bot fucking up servers and causing mas..

MEGA pump cryptocurrency investm

Djibouti 1
Some spammy discord group sending unwanted DM invite links. Server has 69000+ members 68999 of them are spam bots!

Discord user RENIL#4145

Afghanistan 1
Queef coin spammers spamming about their Queefy project! Smells like #Queef Looks like #Queef Acts like #Queef!

Discord user livetec1#0693

Greenland 1
Another Queef coin spammers spamming about their Queefy project! Smells like #Queef Looks like #Queef Acts like #Queef!

Discord user id 6116742237269524

Austria 1
BrockH impersonates team members in attempts to steal users cryptocurrencys!

ferrocker #6076

Liberia 1
Spamming me to join some corona virus token bullshit! GET THE FUCK OUT WITH YOUR UNSOLICITED SPAM MESSAGES BITCH!

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